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Mike Noell, founder and former CEO of BLACKHAWK! Products Group and an industry leader in the design and manufacture of tactical, military, law enforcement and outdoor equipment, has launched M3 “Investing in America,” a private equity company with a mission to support new and growing companies with capital and management resources.

M3 “Investing in America,” a company founded on the same ideals that made BLACKHAWK! a household name, was created  by Mr. Noell to help companies grow successfully.

A former U.S. Navy SEAL, Mr. Noell experienced his business epiphany when his military-issued, 100-lb. pack broke, ejecting gear. Quickly realizing the area was littered with mines and that luck was on his side, Mr. Noell promised himself that if he returned to the U.S., he would make gear that would not compromise soldiers or their missions.


Mike Noell, CEO of M3 “Investing in America”

Mr. Noell’s leadership and management skills were what took his small cut-and-sew start-up out of his garage in 1993 to a 65,000 sq. ft., 3.5 story corporate headquarters with manufacturing in 3 states and a global presence by 2008. During his tenure as president and CEO of BLACKHAWK!, Mr. Noell and his highly skilled and experienced team, were responsible for the acquisition of nine companies and brands and the development of some of the most innovative products in the industry today. Many of the products developed have become benchmarks within their categories, including the SERPA® holster, which is today a market share leader in law enforcement and civilian holsters; the Gladius® illumination tool which revolutionized the flashlight market with digital components and strobing capabilities, and the Integrated Tourniquet System (I.T.S.) which provides security, military and law enforcement with a quick-access, built-in tourniquet system to stem blood loss in limbs during combat situations.

After a seventeen year run, Mr. Noell had successfully positioned BLACKHAWK! for acquisition to ATK and in 2010 and Mr. Noell retired to spend time with his family. His decision to establish M3 “investing in America” provides a new pivotal role to pursue his passion and love of developing and growing companies by providing them with the productive and effective leadership skills, tools and resources to become brand leaders.

“I have always felt a deep respect and commitment to the men and women who serve our country and our communities. It is an honor to develop and produce products that can withstand any mission from the tortures of battle to the rigors of outdoor adventures,” Mike Noell, CEO of M3 “Investing in America” commented. “We are currently pursuing any potential relationships with like-minded companies.” is a retailer of the Blackhawk Military brand and stock many other items from Blackhawk. We aim to deliver any product ordered from within five working days (but usually even quicker). BlackHawk Industries is recognized as the world leader in tactical equipment for the military and law enforcement markets. BlackHawk military products are also used by civilians, security personnel and other fields as the knowledgeable customer knows that Blackhawk Equipment can be relied upon in all situations and environments. Blackhawk is dedicated to designing equipment for the preservation of life under the worst extremes and conditions. BlackHawk Military products are market leaders and perfect for the performance oriented tactical market. The Blackhawk best in class status has been achieved through intensive R&D initiatives and massive investment in product testing and listeniing to Blackhawk customers. With products from Blackhawk Holsers to belts we stock only the best selling items but if required we can source virtually and Blackhawk item direct from their HQ.


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Blackhawk Serpa Holster
SERPA Holster für Glock
LVL 2 Tactical Holster for GLOCK 17/19/22/23/31/32 with Auto-Lock™ technology
€169.90 *

LVL 2 Tactical Holster for GLOCK 17/19/22/23/31/32 with Auto-Lock™ technology

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