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CampStove 2+
CampStove 2+
€149.95 *

Award winning cooker with battery, USB charging memory and light indicator

€59.95 *

Accessories for CampStove 2

€14.95 *

Coffee press, absolute MUST HAVE for all coffee lovers

CampStove 2 Bundle
CampStove 2 Bundle
€295.80 * €259.95 *

What can this set do? Barbecues, meals or boiling water, smartphone and tablet charging function

BioLite SolarPanel 5+
SolarPanel 5+
€99.95 *

Being reachable anytime and anywhere on your devices, it is possible thanks the SolarPanel 5+ from BioLite

BioLite SolarPanel 10+
SolarPanel 10+
€169.95 *

Fastest charging of devices, only possible with the Solar Panel 10+

Lantern with a series of ingenious features

Water filter that can save lives, whether on land or on water

LifeStraw Steel Wasserfilter
LifeStraw Steel
€59.95 *

Filter with hollow fiber membrane, far more than 1000 liters can be filtered with it

Nitecore P20UV Taschenlampe
P20 UV
€84.95 *

Flashlight with different modes and UV light


Water bottle with carbon filter, 4000 liters of impure water can be filtered with it

Compatible with LifeStraw Steel & Go 2 filters

Replacement filter for the product LifeStraw Go 2-Stage

LifeStraw Mission 12L
Mission Wasserfilter Outdoor
From €119.95 *

Wasserfilter und Wasserblase mit 12L und 5L Volumen

Goal Zero Mini Laterne
Goal Zero
Lighthouse Mini Laterne
€54.95 *

kleine Stehlampe, ohne Steckdose, einfach ein Solarpanel mit der Lampe verknüpfen

Katadyn Combi Plus Wasserfilter
Combi Plus Wasserfilter
€249.95 *

The most versatile water filter, including faucet connection

Optimus Brennstoff-Flaschen
Fuel Bottles
From €18.00 *

Liquid fuel, available in four sizes, S: 0.4 l, M: 0.6 l, L: 1.0 l, XL: 1.5 l, with child-resistant cap

For water storage, vacuum formed, small pack size

BCB 72 Hour Home Survival Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
72 Hour Home Survival Kit
€199.00 *

A lot of survival tools to deal with crisis situations

BCB Map Reading Compass
BCB Adventure Ltd
Map Reading Compass
€9.95 *

Map Reading Compass, with Nylon Lanyard included

BCB Winter Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Winter Kit
€39.95 *

Winter Kit, a MUST HAVE for all car owners and householders

BCB Patrol Commander's Map Case
BCB Adventure Ltd
Patrol Commander's Map Case
€11.95 *

Map case, with window pocket for maps, in Multicam

BCB Gaffa Black Tape
BCB Adventure Ltd
Gaffa Black Tape
€8.95 *

Tape, ideal for running repairs & patching-up webbing

BCB FireDragon Cooker with Fuel
BCB Adventure Ltd
FireDragon Cooker with Fuel
€14.95 *

Folding cooker, incl. fuel, fuel tray and igniter

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