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The compact Terra Kids binoculars with bag from HABA animate children to exciting nature discoveries

The practical Terra Kids beaker magnifier from HABA is ideal for research objects in peace to look closely from all sides.

Pocket Saw for kids
€13.99 *

The practical Terra Kids pocket saw from HABA is practical for green wood sawing work on the go thanks to the folding mechanism. Perfectly tuned for children's hands.

Carving Glove Set
€8.99 *

The Terra Kids carving glove set from HABA gives little carving artists safety

Explorer's Pocket
€19.99 *

The practical Terra Kids explorer bag from HABA contains everything little adventurers need

Imaginative Terra Kids observation magnifier from HABA made of plastic including small plastic spider.

Scoop Net
€14.99 *

Unique Terra Kids landing net from HABA for collecting or catching small animals and objects in water or air.

The clever Terra Kids magnifying glass container from HABA is a magnifying glass, collection container and transport box in one.

Multi-functional Terra Kids headlamp by HABA for seeing through at dusk and in the dark.

Perfect compass for on the go. With practical felt bag.

With the practical Terra Kids basic carving set, little carving artists can get started right away.

Terra Kids Kompass
Terra Kids Compass
€9.99 *

A must for all budding researchers and explorers.

Children tent lamp with carabiner to hang.

The handy Terra Kids children's magnifying glass from HABA is the classic explorer accessory in a child-friendly design.

With this telescope, young explorers can observe the animal and plant world very closely.

The perfect tool for trekking, picnics or crafts.

Perfect for outdoors or inside where there are high ceilings

Two sturdy metal handles for carrying and hanging.

Versatile product for carving wood or cutting up food.

Terra Kids Bügelsäge
Terra Kids Hacksaw
€7.99 *

This hacksaw belongs in every young craftsman’s toolkit.

Birds such as the redstart, nuthatch or great tit can find a nice home here to safely raise their offspring.

So, the sun has set? Not a problem! The flashlight illuminates a bright and safe path for children who want to venture out on a night-time expedition.

The Terra Kids Microscope from HABA offers a better view thanks to LED light.

Vital piece of equipment for all junior adventurers.

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