Kurbelradio PANTER 5in1 Solar - Dynamo

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Produktinformationen Kurbelradio PANTER 5in1 Solar - Dynamo

5in1 Portable Solar Radio Dynamo radio with integrated flashlight cell phone charging function and charger.
  • PPL6892


Product information "Kurbelradio PANTER 5in1 Solar - Dynamo"

The Powerplus Panther Solar Dynamo USB FM Radio is a true multi-talent and combines several functions in one device. It is a FM radio - a LED flashlight - a power bank from which you can draw energy, a charger for AAA batteries and an emergency alarm device.

  • LED brightness: 14,000 MCD
  • LED life: 30,000 hours
  • Batteries: 3 x AAA (1.2V/400mAh)
  • LED light time after full charge: 4 hours
  • Radio run time after full charge: 4 hours
  • Receiving range: 86-109 Hz
  • Full charge via mains takes 3 hours
  • 1 minute dynamo operation is enough for: 12 minutes LED light time, 12 minutes radio run time
  • 30 minutes solar irradiation is enough for: 3 minutes LED light time, 3 minutes radio run time
Technical specifications
Runtime: Nach vorladung 4 Stunden
Lumens: LED-Helligkeit: 14.000 MCD / LED-Lebensdauer: 30.000 Stunden
Battery: 3x AAA (1,2V/400mAh)
Weight: 180 g

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Technical specifications

Runtime: Nach vorladung 4 Stunden
Lumens: LED-Helligkeit: 14.000 MCD / LED-Lebensdauer: 30.000 Stunden
Battery: 3x AAA (1,2V/400mAh)
Weight: 180 g

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5.11 Tactical Caldus Handschuhe
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5.11 Side Trip 32l Tasche
5.11 Tactical
Side Trip 32l Briefcase, black
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5.11 Tactical
Maverick Assaulter Belt, black
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Savotta Jäger M max. 30 l Tagesrucksack, schwarz
Jääkäri M max. 30 l, Daypack black
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is an improved model of the Light Border Patrol backpack originally designed for the Finnish Border Guard

105 L duffel bag, ideal carryall for traveling, your trunk, and recreation

Rolling duffel, total capacity 90 litres

5.11 Soms 3.0 126 l Transporttasche schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Soms 3.0 126 l rolling bag black
€400.00 *

Rolling duffel bag, volumes 126 l

Taktischer Kugelschreiber TP II von Perfecta
Tactical Pen TP II
€19.95 *

Always at hand, with many uses

Wollsocken Mediumweight von Helikon Tex geeignet für Polizei, Militär, Survival, Sicherheitsdienst, Outdoor, Survival, Bushcraft, Airsoft
Wool Socks Mediumweight black
€10.90 *

Medium weight durable tactical footwear socks for those cool, rainy and miserable days

A great free time backpack, ideal for sports and work, available in other colours

Taschenlampe Walther Pro SL40
Flashlight SL40, 275lm
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Invader Gear
Combat Shirt schwarz
€37.90 * €34.11 *

The shirt is usually worn below body armor and is intended to avoid pressure marks and to provide good moisture wicking properties

Tasmanian Tiger
€38.00 *

First Aid Kit with quick-access system, opens out with Velcro fastening

Tasmanian Tiger TT Plate Carrier LC
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Plate Carrier LC
€210.00 *

Lightweight panel carrier with laser cut MOLLE system, shoulder straps can be adjusted in length

Tasmanian Tiger TT Wallet RFID B
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Wallet RFID B
€28.00 *

Wallet with all-round security zip, RFID read protection with integrated CRYPTALLOY® foil

Paracord Armband schwarz
Invader Gear
Shackle Bracelet
€4.90 * €4.41 *

strong Paracord Bracelet for survival adventures

Tasmanian Tiger TT Raid Pack MK II olive
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Raid Pack MK III olive
€300.00 *

classic military backpack 52 l volume, adjustable back length

Tasmanian Tiger TT Mission Pack MK II black
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Mission Pack MK II black
€230.00 *

37 liter rucksack, Molle system in laser cut version, rescue handle for wounded transport, hydration system preparation

Clawgear Defiant Flex Pants oliv
Defiant Flex Pant
€53.90 *

leightweight pants concepted and designed for tactical applications as well as every day carry

For water storage, vacuum formed, small pack size

€180.00 *

Liquid fuel stove, expedition cooker, suitable for the high mountains and campsites, fast-firing burner,

Softshell Jacket with warming fleece surface on the inside

Wiley X NERVE Smoke/Clear Matte Black Frame
Wiley X
NERVE Smoke/Clear Matte Black Frame
€130.00 * €117.00 *
WX Durtac SmartTouch black
Wiley X
Durtac SmartTouch black
€54.00 * €48.60 *
WX Vapor Grey/Clear Matte Black
Wiley X
Vapor Grey/Clear Matte Black
€130.00 * From €117.00 *