Pathfinder - Multi Color Flood Light

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Powertac Pathfinder Multi-Color Search Light With White, Red, Green, and Blue Outputs... more
Product information "Pathfinder - Multi Color Flood Light"

Powertac Pathfinder Multi-Color Search Light

With White, Red, Green, and Blue Outputs

The Powertac Pathfinder Multi-Color Search Light runs on a powerful Lithium Ion battery pack with a built-in protection circuit. This LED search light can provide you with white, red, green, and blue light outputs that customize this light for all of your needs. Red, green, and blue outputs are good for a variety of situations including: preserving overall night vision, night fishing and hunting, and so much more. These colored outputs make this one of the most multi-functional search lights available. Included with this powerful LED flashlight is a holster, and the charging cord needed to charge your light. These accessories are held in the extremely tough air- and water-tight carrying case that make transporting your flashlight safe and easy. Additionally, in an emergency situation, you can use this flashlight as a charger for your electronic devices. For example, if you need to charge your cell phone for an emergency call then plug your phone directly into the tailcap of your flashlight.

Blindingly Bright

The Pathfinder is built specifically to be a search light. With 11000 incredibly bright Lumens this flashlight will be able to light up even the darkest of areas. The maximum beam throw of 168 meters, in addition to the blindingly bright output, will provide visibility further into the distance than other search lights can. Moreover, the max runtime of 9.55 hours guarantees you will have light even during your longest search expeditions. As a tactical flashlight you will have access to bright Strobe and SOS outputs that will help you in any emergency situations. The sturdy bezel can act as a non-lethal self-defense weapon as well. Get your tactical search light before your next outing.


  • Charge your electronics via the flashlight's battery pack in case of emergencies
  • LED Status Indicators accurately show remaining battery life and charging status
  • Bezel, Strobe, and SOS features make excellent defensive tactical tools
  • Large beam throw and bright outputs make this light optimal for search and rescue
  • The dual activation buttons allows for easy switching between white and colored outputs
  • Battery pack features an included protective circuit board that will provide optimal output through its life
  • Comes with PowerTacs No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty
  • Package Includes:
    • PowerTac Pathfinder
    • Holster
    • Instruction Manual
    • Spare O-ring
    • Air-Tight / Water-Tight Case


  • LEDs:
    • White - CREE XHP70
    • Red - CREE XP-E 352nm
    • Green - CREE XP-E 465nm
    • Blue - CREE XP-E 525nm
  • Power Source: 1 x Li-Ion Battery Pack (Battery Pack is made up of 4 x 18650s)
  • Peak Beam Distance: 468 meters (1535.43 ft.)
  • Brightness Outputs (White):
    • High 11000 Lumens - 1.1 Hours
    • Medium 4350 Lumens - 1.53 Hours
    • Low 680 Lumens - 9.55 Hours
    • Strobe 11000 Lumens - 2.2 Hours
    • SOS 11000 Lumens - 2.2 Hours
  • Brightness Outputs (Red):
    • High 105 Lumens - 15 Hours
    • Strobe 105 Lumens - 30 Hours
  • Brightness Outputs (Green):
    • High 170 Lumens - 15 Hours
    • Strobe 170 Lumens - 30 Hours
  • Brightness Outputs (Blue):
    • High 170 Lumens - 15 Hours
    • Strobe 170 Lumens - 30 Hours
  • IPX Rating: IPX6
  • Impact Resistance: 2 meters (6.56 ft.)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length - 12.08" (307 mm)
    • Bezel Diameter - 3.54" (90 mm)
    • Body Diameter - 1.96" (50 mm)
    • Tail Cap Diameter - 1.96" (50 mm)
  • Weight (With Battery): 27.47 oz (779 g)


Technical specifications
overall length: 184mm
Reach: 468m
Akku: 4 Cell 18650 (3400mAh)
Runtime: 2,2h - 9,55h
Lumens: 11.000 Lumen
Weight: 779g
LED: 2x Cree XM-L2, CREE XP-E blue 525nm, CREE XP-E green 465nm, CREE XP-E red 625nm
Material: Luftfahrt-Aluminium
Waterproof: IPX6 (heavy splashes & rain)
Features: integriertes Ladegerät
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Powertac Warrior: The Best Law Enforcement Flashlight

Being a law enforcement officer these days is an especially tough and thankless job. Officers need to carry a variety of tools to perform their duties but what if you’re an officer, what tool do you use the most? Handcuffs? Knife? Gun? Chances are it’s your flashlight. Many still associate large D cell battery flashlights with police officers but today officers have a variety of duty flashlights to choose from. One of the common difficulties law enforcement members face when selecting their duty flashlight is finding a flashlight that meets all their needs. There are a lot of good flashlights to choose from but many only have one or two of the features required by someone in law enforcement. For example, a light might be super bright but not have variable illumination settings. Fortunately, there is a duty flashlight specifically designed for law enforcement with all the necessary features to help you serve and protect your communities.

Here is why the Powertac Warrior is the Ultimate Duty Light: 
Reliable, Durable Construction
 Your flashlight could save your life so you need to be able to depend on it working every time you need it and not break if you drop it or get it wet. The Warrior assures long-lasting performance using body-parts made from aircraft grade aluminum and maintains its appearance through extreme weather and rugged treatment with a tough, durable Type III anodized finish. The lens is made of tempered glass with double-sided coating that resists breakage or scratching on impact while maximizing light output. LED and electronic components are protected from overheating by a superior heat sink designed for quick heat dispersion. A precision O-ring sealed design resists water damage. Finally, the Warrior is ergonomically designed with anti-slip knurling and matte style finish for a firm grip.

Simple Functionality Seconds can mean life or death which is why your duty flashlight needs to be easy to operate. The Warrior features an auto-memorization for direct on/off access to all brightness levels plus a dedicated strobe button.

Variable Illumination A super bright light may be ideal as spotlight during a night patrol, building checks and low-light tactical situations; but not for writing a ticket or looking at a driver’s license. Anyone who’s attempted this knows white paper will definitely reflect the light back into your eyes. The Warrior features illumination from 1 to 1050 lumens and a throw up to 340 meters giving you the variable output you need for every situation.

Strobe Mode A strobe light is an excellent tool to disorient someone acting aggressively. Many flashlights include a strobe mode but to get to it you have to cycle through the other settings. The Warrior features a dedicated strobe button for instant access because criminals won't wait for you to cycle through your flashlights settings to get to strobe.

Bezeled Edge If you are forced to defend yourself, your flashlight can serve as an improvised self-defense tool. The Warrior features a crenellated bezel on the head cap for self-defense use.

Accessories There are several accessories available for the Warrior including: red, green and blue slip on color filters, slip on traffic cones for a super bright amber illumination wand and an engineered plastic duty belt holster. The Warrior can also be mounted to a rail and offers an optional remote pressure switch.

Rechargeable Battery No one wants to carry around a bunch of batteries and frequent replacements can get expensive so it’s best to have a flashlight that accepts rechargeable batteries. Powertac Lights accept both non rechargeable CR123A and rechargeable 18650 batteries. Officers have told us that they will run rechargeable batteries 95% of the time and for the few occasions when they are out all night, they will use backup CR123A batteries if their primary batter runs out. The Warrior features a unique digital circuit control technology to maximize battery life and consistent light output performance. Additionally, the electronics are protected against damage caused by improper battery installation through a reverse polarity protection circuit.

Law enforcement officers have one of the toughest jobs out there so you deserve the best tools to help you do your job. Serve and protect your communities with the Warrior flashlight.  

Technical specifications
overall length: 184mm
Reach: 468m
Akku: 4 Cell 18650 (3400mAh)
Runtime: 2,2h - 9,55h
Lumens: 11.000 Lumen
Weight: 779g
LED: 2x Cree XM-L2, CREE XP-E blue 525nm, CREE XP-E green 465nm, CREE XP-E red 625nm
Material: Luftfahrt-Aluminium
Waterproof: IPX6 (heavy splashes & rain)
Features: integriertes Ladegerät
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Walther Pro PL60
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The hunting edition of the proven PL70 flashlight, in bright orange so you won’t lose it out in the field

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Lowa Zephyr GTX® MID TF coyote
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Featherweight, all-season protection for parties of four on alpine missions.

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Direct Action's Ghost 30l is a 3-day backpack for patrols and advanced tactical tasks.

Medium sized backpack 25l, has a wide selection of camouflage and colors, which also makes it suitable for hunters and outdoor fans.

5.11 Tactical Rapid 1AA Taschenlampe
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5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pant
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Taclite Pro Pant coyote
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robust but light tactical pants made of an water resistant and fast drying material

Tasmanian Tiger TT Combat Pack MK II khaki
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TT Combat Pack MK II khaki
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Universal, small combat backpack, detachable hip and shoulder straps, backpack can also be adapted to the west

Tasmanian Tiger Combi RIG QR khaki
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Suitable for one G36 magazine, AR15 etc., quick release system with ROC buckle

Tasmanian Tiger Sun Shade Cover
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Suitable for almost all sun visors of about 29 to 37 cm circumference

Helikon Tex SFU NEXT® Feldjacke grau
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The SFU™ NEXT® Shirt combines the traditional cut with practical, modern solutions

The SFU™ is one of the Helikon Tex classic lines, available in other colors

Rolling duffel, total capacity 90 litres

Helikon Tex Poncho Swagman Roll flecktarn
Poncho Swagman Roll flecktarn
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You can use it a poncho liner, emergency sleeping bag, enhance your regular sleeping bag with it, wrap in it as if it was a blanket, line your hammock with it – or just wear as a stand-alone long, warm coat.

Liberty is a heavy duty fleece jacket for cold environments, available in other colors

Made specifically for tactical & military users, this handheld light has an incredible 10,0500 Lumen output, an amazing 675 meter throw


Flashlight for hunters, White delivers up to 210 lumens, red is for protecting the user’s night vision, green is invisible to game, and blue is for detecting fluids

Clawgear Raider MK.IV Field Shirt oliv
Raider MK.IV Field Shirt oliv
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Field Shirt of newest generation for different tasks and units made out of mil spec fabrics

Lowa Recon GTX® TF
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robust task-force boot, waterproof and breathable, full-grain-leather upper

Tasmanian Tiger TT Warrior Belt LC olive
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Extremely low-lying warrior belt for attaching to a tactical belt

Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig MK II M4 khaki
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Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Pants Coyote
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The pants with cult following, for civil or tactical combat pants usable

Tasmanian Tiger TT 50 Belt black
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Strong 50 mm waist belt with safety buckle

Tasmanian Tiger TT Combat Pack MK II coyote/brown
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Combat Pack MK II coyote
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Universal, small combat backpack, detachable hip and shoulder straps, backpack can also be adapted to the west

Tasmanian Tiger TT Range Pack MK II olive
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Range Pack MK II olive
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90 l + 10 l multi-week backpack, detachable front pocket, ideal for tours across the globe

Goal Zero Mini Laterne
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Lighthouse Mini Laterne
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kleine Stehlampe, ohne Steckdose, einfach ein Solarpanel mit der Lampe verknüpfen

Lupine Piko X4 Stirnlampe
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Compact headlamp with 1800 lumens and different functions, 65 grams

Lupine Head Torche NEO X2
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small LED headlamp with 900 lumens

BaseLantern XL
BaseLantern XL
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Lantern with a series of ingenious features

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