Reactor Stove System (2,5L)

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MSR has combined state-of-the-art cookware with revolutionary cooker design to make the... more
Product information "Reactor Stove System (2,5L)"

MSR has combined state-of-the-art cookware with revolutionary cooker design to make the Reactor the fastest, most fuel efficient cooker ever. The radiant burner of the Reactor cooker is enclosed by a unique heat exchanger. This ensures unparalleled wind performance, while advanced pressure control ensures optimal heat dissipation throughout the life of a fuel canister. Enough capacity for the simultaneous preparation of five freeze-dried meals and as a powerful system for melting snow for 2 to 4 people. The patent-pending radiant burner and heat exchanger make the Reactor a highly efficient digester system for all weather conditions and to reduce fuel consumption.


  • Radiation burner head is enclosed by the heat exchanger
  • offers maximum protection in the most extreme wind conditions
  • fast boiling time
  • state-of-the-art cooker and highly efficient pot
  • compact and user-friendly system
  • only available in Europe
  • Burning time per fuel bottle 227 g approx. 80 minutes
  • Pack size approx 18.54 x 13.97 cm
  • boiled water per ounce of fuel about 2.8 liters
  • Cooker and fuel fit in the pot
  • for 2 to 4 people
  • Scope of delivery without cartridge
  • Weight: 588 g
  • Cooking time: 1.5 min for 0.5 liters

Seattle-based MSR has been setting new technology standards for high performance outdoor equipment since 1969. The promise of quality production and innovation ensures that customers are always provided with the best, most reliable equipment for outdoor adventures. The MSR product line includes cookers, tents, fuel, cookware, water treatment and hydration systems, sunscreen, snowshoes, and year-round trekking poles.

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Technical specifications
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Optimus Brennstoff-Flaschen
Fuel Bottles
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Liquid fuel, available in four sizes, S: 0.4 l, M: 0.6 l, L: 1.0 l, XL: 1.5 l, with child-resistant cap

Optimus Gaskartuschen 100 g
Gas Canisters
From €4.95 *

Available in 100 g, 220 g and 440 g, butane (70%), propane (30%), with a protective cap

Savotta Ess-Set oliv
Dining-Set olive
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Camping & Survival dining set

BCB Striker Fire Flint (with Magnesium Block)
BCB Adventure Ltd
Striker Fire Flint (with Magnesium Block)
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Igniter with magnesium block, make fire quickly and easily

BCB FireDragon Cooker with Fuel
BCB Adventure Ltd
FireDragon Cooker with Fuel
€14.95 * €13.75 *

Folding cooker, incl. fuel, fuel tray and igniter

Optimus Stützfuss für Gaskartuschen
Canister Stand
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Support foot for gas canister, suitable for standard gas canisters

Optimus Clip-On Windshield
Clip-On Windshield
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Lightweight clip-on windshield, small and space-saving, reduces fuel consumption

Optimus Sparky / Anzünder
Sparky Lighter
€12.95 *

Lighter for gas cooker, including lanyard

Optimus Funnel / Trichter
€5.95 *

Funnel with strainer, helps to fill the bottle with fuel

Optimus Wasserkessel/Kettle
€21.95 *

Ultralight kettle, anodised aluminum

Cooker system, cookware, Crux stove, sturdy frying pan, non-stick coating

Optimus Elektra FE Kochsystem / Cook System
Elektra FE Cook System
€94.95 *

Cooking system, with Crux Lite stove, heat exchanger pot, attachable windscreen, BOB outdoor sponge, piezo igniter

Katadyn Polaris Optifuel
Polaris Optifuel
€189.95 *

Hybrid Kocher können mit Gas, Flüssiggas, Reinbenzin, bleifreies Benzin, Kerosin, Diesel, und mit Petrolium betrieben werden, erhältlich auch in Schwarz (Katadyn Tactical Line)

€6.95 *
CampStove 2 Bundle
CampStove 2 Bundle
€295.80 * €259.95 *

What can this set do? Barbecues, meals or boiling water, smartphone and tablet charging function

€14.95 *

Coffee press, absolute MUST HAVE for all coffee lovers

5.11 Axt Operator schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Axe Operator black
€179.00 * €161.10 *

features a hammer pry bar, wrench, sockets, metric and standard markings and hex wrench openings

an ergonomic Polymer-grip with rubber inserts, black coated carbon steel

Tasmanian Tiger TT Combat Pack MK II coyote/brown
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Combat Pack MK II coyote
€159.00 * €143.10 *

Universal, small combat backpack, detachable hip and shoulder straps, backpack can also be adapted to the west

Helikon Tex Urban Tactical Hoodie, grau
Urban Tactical Hoodie®, grey
€49.95 *

It´s a lightweight, full zip hoodie jacket

5.11 Tactical CFK 4 Camp Field Messer
5.11 Tactical
CFK 4 Camp Field Knife
€79.95 * €71.96 *

universal cutting tool for performing various tasks in the field

5.11 Tactical CFK 7 Camp Field Messer
5.11 Tactical
CFK 7 Camp Field Knife
€119.95 * €107.96 *

robust utility knife with a blade thickness of 7mm

5.11 Tactical XPRT Fold Messer
5.11 Tactical
XPRT Fold Knife
€179.95 * €161.96 *

premium knife with ergonomic shaped handle

5.11 Tactical Rapid 2AA Taschenlampe
5.11 Tactical
Rapid 2AA flashlight
€49.95 * €44.96 *

lightweight handy flashlight

5.11 Tactical TAC-CR Cut Resistant Handschuhe
5.11 Tactical
TAC-CR Cut Resistant gloves black
€19.95 * €17.96 *

schnittfester Handschuh mit elastischem Bündchen und mit atmungsaktivem Handrücken

The 5.11 Stryke™ Tactical Duty Uniform Pant
5.11 Tactical
Stryke TDU Pant grey
€99.95 * €89.96 *

High-performance all-seasons trousers made of Flex-Tac ™ high-performance fabric

5.11 Tactical Valiant Duty Jacke
5.11 Tactical
Valiant Duty Jacket navy
€329.95 * €296.96 *

waterproof, breathable and warm 3-in-1 modular jacket consisting of an outer and an inner part

5.11 Tactical Bristol Parka
5.11 Tactical
Bristol Parka navy
€339.95 * €305.96 *

water-repellent, breathable and warm tactical Jacket

5.11 Tactical Bristol Parka
5.11 Tactical
Bristol Parka oliv
€339.95 * €305.96 *

water-repellent, breathable and warm tactical Jacket

5.11 Tactical Taclite Anorak
5.11 Tactical
Taclite Anorak brown
€169.95 * €152.96 *

comfortable and weather resistant versatile anorak jacket

5.11 Tactical Taclite M-65 Jacke
5.11 Tactical
Taclite M-65 Jacket black
€159.95 * €143.96 *

lightweight, ultra-durable and nonfading Jacket

Revolver Reversible Jacket oliv
5.11 Tactical
Revolver Reversible Jacket oliv
€139.95 * €125.96 *

reversible jacket in the style of the classic US aviator jackets

5.11 Tactical Aurora Shell Jacke
5.11 Tactical
Aurora Shell Jacket oliv
€159.95 * €143.96 *

super lightweight weatherproof jacket with a very small pack size

SFU NEXT® Tactical Pant black
SFU NEXT® Tactical Pant black
€39.90 *

The SFU™ is one of the Helikon Tex classic lines, available in other colors

Tasmanian Tiger TT Combat Pack MK II khaki
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Combat Pack MK II khaki
€159.00 * €143.10 *

Universal, small combat backpack, detachable hip and shoulder straps, backpack can also be adapted to the west

Tasmanian Tiger TT Combat Pack MK II olive
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Combat Pack MK II olive
€159.00 * €143.10 *

Universal, small combat backpack, detachable hip and shoulder straps, backpack can also be adapted to the west

Tasmanian Tiger Trooper Light Pack 35 khaki
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Trooper Light Pack 35 khaki
€109.00 * €98.10 *

Universal 35 l combat backpack, ergonomically shaped back and padded shoulder straps, Molle system

Sock & Awe Crew - Tropic Thunder
5.11 Tactical
Sock & Awe Crew - Tropic Thunder
€14.95 * €13.46 *

in other sizes & motive

Sock & Awe Crew - Liberty
5.11 Tactical
Sock & Awe Crew - Liberty
€14.95 * €13.46 *

in other sizes & motive

Sock & Awe Crew - Animal orange
5.11 Tactical
Sock & Awe Crew - Animal orange
€14.95 * €13.46 *

in other sizes & motive

5.11 Maverick Assaulter Gürtel, schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Maverick Assaulter Belt, black
€99.95 * €89.96 *

Fast and convenient rigger's belt

5.11 XPRT® Tactical Pant, schwarz
5.11 Tactical
XPRT® Tactical Pant, black
€199.95 * €179.96 *

Tactical Pant, it's our most durable and functional tactical pant to date

5.11 XPRT Stiefel, dunkles braun
5.11 Tactical
XPRT 3.0 Boot, dark coyote
€219.95 * €197.96 *

Tactical Boot, full-grain, waterproof, easy-polish leather


Is a lightweight, full zip hoodie jacket

Helikon Tex Range Polo Langarmshirt, grau
Range Polo Shirt grey
€36.95 *

was designed by the professional shooters

Under Armor Microthread technology, the fabric dries faster, does not stick to the body

Tasmanian Tiger Support Bag schwarz
Tasmanian Tiger
Support Bag black
€74.95 * €67.46 *

Small, sturdy storage and hanging bag in the TacVec series

Tasmanian Tiger Tacvec Container schwarz
Tasmanian Tiger
Tacvec Container black
€74.95 *

Bag variation divided into three parts that is attached to the front seat of the vehicle

Savotta Hobo Kocher - Big Bad
Hobo Stove - Big Bad
€44.95 * €42.70 *

Our small HOBO cooker

Long sleeve shirt, designed for law officers, operators, security personnel and active persons

5.11 AMP72, 40 l Militärrucksack, schwarz
5.11 Tactical
AMP72, 40 l Backpack, black
€259.00 * €233.10 *

40 l military backpack, thermoformed back panel with aluminum frame and load lifters

5.11 Rapid Quad Zip 28 l Rucksack, schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Rapid Quad Zip 28 l Backpack, black
€99.00 * €89.10 *

28 l Daypack, hydration compatible metro gear bag, exterior admin pocket

5.11 Rucksack All Hazards Prime 32L schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Backpack All Hazards Prime 32L black
€199.00 * €179.10 *

Tear-out medical pouches, padded laptop sleeve, durable1050D nylon

5.11 Mehrtagesrucksack Rush72, 55 L, storm-grau
5.11 Tactical
Hiking Backpack Rush71, 55 L, storm-grey
€189.00 * €170.10 *

Hiking Backpack 55l, Dual-zippered front and main compartments with molded grip pulls

5.11 Axt Operator Compact schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Axe Operator Compact black
€139.00 * €125.10 *

with hex bit capability, a pry bar that also pulls nails, a waffle-textured hammer head and any more..

Walther Pro Stirnlampe HL31r schwarz 710 Lumen
Walther Pro
Head Lamp HL31r black 710 Lumens
€99.90 * €91.91 *

LED head lamp with impressive 710 lumens, microcontroller with temperature control and a lot more

Elite Force Taktischer Spaten EF802 schwarz
Elite Force
Tactical Spade EF802 black
€29.95 *

Handy spade with a total length of less than half a meter

Walther Pro Messer FBK schwarz (feststehend)
Walther Pro
Knife FBK black (fixed blade)
€79.95 * €73.55 *

A rugged utility knife with a full tang that is as thick as the blade

Clawgear Aviceda MK.II grau
Fleece Jacket Aviceda MK.II grey
€72.90 * €67.07 *

2nd Generation of Aviceda Jacket - light fleece with tactical application

Clawgear Milvago Fleece Hoody MK.II grau
Fleece Hoody Milvago MK.II grey
€86.90 * €79.95 *

2. Generation of the Milvago Line, tactical fleece jacket for very cold days

Under Armour Hoodie Balaklava schwarz
Under Armour
Hoodie Balaklava 1/4 Zip black
€79.95 *

Highly functional Mens Hoodie "Nobreaks" of Under Armour ® with ColdGear® technology

Einfach einstellbar bzw. verstellbar, geeignet für den täglichen Gebrauch

Helikon Tex Poncho US Modell camogrom, Regenhülle wasserdicht
Poncho U.S. Model camogrom
€24.90 *

Rainproof, quick-drying poncho, made of rip-stop polyester

Helikon Tex Supertarp oliv
Shelter Supertarp olive
€47.90 *

Helikon-Tex made it out of plastic-coated ripstop fabric, available in other colors

Helikon Tex Liberty Fleecejacke grau
Fleece Jacket Liberty grey
€64.95 *

Liberty is a heavy duty fleece jacket for cold environments, available in other colors

A great free time backpack, ideal for sports and work, available in other colours

Classic synthetic leather jacket Black Rock from Brandit, detachable sweat liner, vintage look

Premium filed jacket, with many vintage applications

Clawgear Milvago Fleece Hoody grey
Fleece Jacket Milvago Hoody grey
€99.90 * €91.91 *

thick and reliable fleece hoody that can be worn as top layer

Clawgear MK.II Instructor Shirt grey
Instructor Shirt MK II grey
€39.90 * €36.71 *

tactical T-Shirt with pockets and velcro developed for instructors

Fleece jacket, with many pockets, breathable, and keeps the user of the jacket in cold-conditions very warm

It is designed for tactical use in extreme weather, extremely high insulation

Fluchtrucksack STG Premium 72H (bug-out-bag)
STG Fluchtrucksack
Fluchtrucksack STG Premium 72H (bug-out-bag)
€1,312.95 * €1,194.95 *

72 h Fluchtrucksack, "LIMITED EDITION"

Tasmanian Tiger TT Dakota Rain M´s Jacket MK II grey
Tasmanian Tiger
Rain Jacket Dakota MK II grey
€299.95 *

Waterproof and breathable three-layer jacket made of T-Vent 3Layer

Tasmanian Tiger TT Small Medic Pack MK II khaki
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Small Medic Pack MK II
€79.95 * From €71.96 *

Hip bag for medical equipment with 3 liter-volume and LP MOLLE system

Lowa Renegade II GTX® LO TF black
Renegade GTX® LO TF black
€154.95 * €136.36 *

The rugged, yet comfortable task-force half-boot is known for its stability, lightness and superior wearing comfort

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