Terra Solo Kochset

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Produktinformationen Terra Solo Kochset

for solo tours, anodized aluminum, non-stick coating, BOB outdoor sponge, mesh transport bag
  • OPT8019751


Product information "Terra Solo Kochset"

You may go fast, light and solo, but sausages on a stick for dinner aren’t cutting it. Pair our efficient Optimus stoves with the Terra Solo Cook Set that – of course! -- is made of rugged anodized aluminum now also with a non-stick coating. At a mere 209 g, the Terra Solo Cook Set with its two cookware pieces gets a scrummy dinner prepped quickly and on your plate when you’re tired and hungry. Or take your time and enjoy the sunset as the stew simmers. You get a pot with pour spot and a tough-as-nails fry pan (doubles as a pot lid). Make your mum proud by keeping it clean with our practical and cute little BOB sponge (included), and keeping it neat in the mesh carry bag. Inside, magically find room to also stash our titanium cutlery set and any Optimus gas stove too.

Kit includes: 0.6 L saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks (mL and oz), fry pan that doubles as a lid, Optimus BOB sponge and mesh storage bag.

Technical specifications
Dimensions: 136 × Ø 107
Volume: 0.6l
Weight: 209 g

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For more than a century, the Optimus name has stood for dependable outdoor stoves and clever accessories. Founded in Stockholm in 1899, the company has often set new technical standards over its lengthy history. Indeed, it has also earned numerous awards and has been a success ful part of innumerable expeditions. For many demanding users, the gas, multifuel and hybrid stoves by Optimus are their first choice – and for good reason: Bound by the tradition of its name, Optimus products are continuously re-engineered for further improvement. Next to its high-performance models, one also finds true classics in the portfolio. For example, the Optimus Svea, among others, continues to sell successfully after more than 70 years and has achieved cult status among outdoor enthusiasts. No matter whether a proven longtime standard or a super-light newcomer, for camping, bivy tours or expeditions, the reliable and stylish outdoor cooking gear from Optimus is bound to quickly become a beloved favorite – and of course a reliable impetus for any upcoming adventure.

Optimus has been a part of the Katadyn Group portfolio since 2007. The Katadyn Group is a global corporate group with a broad brand portfolio specialized in the area of self-sufficient nutrition and drinking water supply. The group provides products and solutions for the outdoor and marine industries as well as for industrial and municipal needs. Humanitarian aid organizations and the military for years have been regular customers of the Swiss group of companies.

Infos zum Hersteller

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 136 × Ø 107
Volume: 0.6l
Weight: 209 g
Katadyn Polaris Optifuel
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a very light windbreaker jacket, small pack size, suitable for hikers, travelers or for jogging

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High grade modular utility carry pouch with Molle webbing, EDC removable panel included.

Tasmanian Tiger TT IFAK Pouch VL L coyote-braun
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TT IFAK Pouch VL L coyote-braun
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First-aid kit with MOLLE hook and loop attachment.

Helikon-Tex made it out of plastic-coated ripstop fabric, available in other colors

Shemag schwarz-navy
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5.11 2 Banger Tragesystem, coyote
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2 Banger Gear Set, coyote
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The Admin Gear Set™ meshes seamlessly with 5.11® bags, packs, and duffels,

AMP24, 32 l Militärrucksack, coyote
5.11 Tactical
AMP24 Backpack, 32 l, coyote
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32l military backpack, CCW pocket with loop panel and webbing strap for holster attachment

Umhängetasche EDC Side Bag coyote
EDC Side bag coyote
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EDC Side Bag is a compact, universal bag for everyday equipment, available in other colors

Storm Pocket Lighter
Storm Pocket Lighter
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sehr leichtes Sturmfeuerzeug mit großer Stichflamme

Sniper Net Scarf
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Sniper Net Scarf
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140xm x 100cm netted scarf to hide and protect the face or gear

HydraPak Seeker 3L
Seeker 3L
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The high-capacity Seeker 3L is a durable, ultra-light hydration storage system for all your long haul excursions

Mechanix Wear m-pact 3 Handschuh
Mechanix Wear
M-Pact LvL 3 Glove
€47.90 * €43.11 *

A dense one-piece Thermoplastic Rubber knuckle guard is anatomically designed to absorb forceful impact and improve overall mobility during hard-charging operations

Igniter with magnesium block, make fire quickly and easily

Tasmanian Tiger TT Bottle Holder 1 l olive
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Bottle Holder 1l, Flaschenhalter
€19.95 * €17.96 *

Insulated water bottle holder, designed for a 1 liter bottle of Nalgene, MOLLE system

For water storage, vacuum formed, small pack size

Optimus Brennstoff-Flaschen
Fuel Bottles
€15.95 *

Liquid fuel, available in four sizes, S: 0.4 l, M: 0.6 l, L: 1.0 l, XL: 1.5 l, with child-resistant cap

Optimus Titanium Spork
Titanium Spork
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Ultraleicht, Kombination aus Löffel und Gabel, Reintitan

Optimus Sliding Long Spoon
Sliding Long Spoon
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Extendable spoon, BPA free plastic, ideal for eating meals from pouches

€159.95 *

Liquid fuel stove, expedition cooker, suitable for the high mountains and campsites, fast-firing burner,

Goal Zero Mini Laterne
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Lighthouse Mini Laterne
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kleine Stehlampe, ohne Steckdose, einfach ein Solarpanel mit der Lampe verknüpfen

Extreme Solar
Extreme Solar
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Light, rugged, reliable pot for simple meals favored by solo backpackers.

MSR Flex 3 Koch Set
Flex 3 Koch Set
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Versatile, high capacity cook and eat system for three.

Two-person, two-pot cook and eat system.

2-piece cooking set, made of anodized aluminum with non-stick coating, frying pan, with sponge and mesh bag

Optimus Terra HE Cook Set
Terra HE Cook Set
€69.95 *

Cook set, anodized aluminum, non-stick coating, three-piece cooking set, neoprene pocket to keep warm

Whoever had to trudge and flounder through deep snow, marshy meadows or muddy tracks would know how useful and advantageous thing is a pair of long, sturdy, breathable gaiters

Wildo® FireFlash® Pro is a made in Sweden, effective and reliable firestarter

Camp-A-Box® Original is the compact mess kit developed to meet all your requirements and still not weigh an ounce more than necessary

Camp-A-Box Original® is the compact mess kit developed to meet all your requirements and still not weigh an ounce more than necessary

Wildo® Spork oliv
Wildo® Spork - Olive Green
€1.80 *

Wildo® Spork is a made in Switzerland, compact cutlery kit that combines your fork, knife and spoon

TRITAN™ BOTTLE Wide Mouth Campfires (550 ml) enables one to carry 550 ml of water or any other liquid

Scout MK2 Feuerstarter Set
Scout Mk2 Firestarter
€7.90 *

Scout Mk2 Firestarter is a set that allows you to light a fire effectively without using matches or a lighter

Pentagon Plato Tactical Shirt with two patch breast pockets and two concealed zip pockets.

SealLine Seal Pak 4l Hip Pack oliv
Seal Pak 4l Hip Pack oliv
€50.00 *

Our versatile hands-free waterproof pack is available in a 4L size.

MSR Titan 2er Topf Set
Titan 2er Topf Set
€160.00 *

Ultralight, minimalist titanium pot set for two.

Compact nonstick set with Fusion® ceramic, perfect for gourmet camp fare.

Single pot, 2-person cook system.

Light and compact two-person cook set.

Light and compact cook set engineered for solo backpackers.

Tasmanian Tiger TT Tac Pouch Trema IRR steingrau
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Tac Pouch Trema IRR steingrau
€24.00 * €21.60 *

Medic accessories bag vertical with generous interior.

Helikon-Tex made it out of plastic-coated ripstop fabric, available in other colors

Slightly, breathable softshell jacket, wind and water repellent.

5.11 Tactical All Missions Plattenträger
5.11 Tactical
All Missions Plate Carrier black
€269.95 * €251.05 *

Plate carrier with flexible, adaptable design for ultimate carrying comfort

5.11 Boonie Hat multicam
5.11 Tactical
Boonie Hat, multicam
€39.95 * €37.15 *

schützt deinen Kopf vor Hitze und Regen

Instinct Watch grey/black
Instinct Watch grey/black
€299.95 * €284.95 *

Constructed to U.S. military standard 810G for thermal, shock and water resistance (rated to 100 metres)

Savotta Hobo Kocher - Happy
Hobo Stove - Happy
€34.95 *

Our small HOBO cooker

Original canteen pack of the finnisch army

Savotta Ess-Set oliv
Dining-Set olive
€19.95 *

Camping & Survival dining set

It has a roof pentaprism design, rotating eyecups, a non-slip central focusing wheel and a diopter adjustment

It is designed for tactical use in extreme weather, extremely high insulation

Invader Gear Predator Combat Pant
Invader Gear
Predator Combat Pant
€79.90 * €71.91 *

Kampfhose für den harten Einsatz mit zahlreichen Beintaschen und integrierten Knieschonern.

A heavy duty fleece jacket with reinforcements on elbows and shoulders

Mechanix Wear M-Pact Handschuh coyote
Mechanix Wear
M-Pact Glove (Impact)
€34.90 * €31.41 *

Impact-absorbing Thermoplastic Rubber is sonic welded to the glove and delivers flexible protection against common impact injuries and skin abrasions

TT First Aid Complete MKII
Tasmanian Tiger
TT First Aid Complete MKII
€65.00 * €58.50 *

Perfect first aid equipment, for 1-4 people

BCB FireDragon Cooker with Fuel
BCB Adventure Ltd
FireDragon Cooker with Fuel
€14.95 *

Folding cooker, incl. fuel, fuel tray and igniter

Outdoor Research Trade Craft Vest
Outdoor Research
Thermojacke Tradecraft Vest
€139.90 * €125.91 *

Insulated vest for cold days with PrimaLoft® Gold insulation, Part of Outdoor Research's IAS (Integrated Apparel System)

Optimus Clip-On Windshield
Clip-On Windshield
€12.95 *

Lightweight clip-on windshield, small and space-saving, reduces fuel consumption

Optimus Wasserkessel/Kettle
€21.95 *

Ultralight kettle, anodised aluminum

Cookware, low weight, saucepan, large volume, integrated strainer

LifeStraw, filtert bis zu 4000l Wasser
LifeStraw, filtert bis zu 4000l Wasser
€24.95 * €23.70 *

Water filter that can save lives, whether on land or on water

€59.95 *

Accessories for CampStove 2