Titan Gabel und Löffel

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These titanium utensils deliver ultralight utility and unquestionable durability. They come on... more
Product information "Titan Gabel und Löffel"

These titanium utensils deliver ultralight utility and unquestionable durability. They come on a screw-locked cable so they’re as easy to keep track of, as they are to carry.

Technical specifications
Material: Titanium
Weight: 0,03 kg
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In 1969, Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer Larry Penberthy formed Mountain Safety Research as a one-man crusade dedicated to improving the safety of climbing equipment. The fuel behind Larry's passionate fire was a simple belief that still drives our team today:
From that notion evolved a pioneering outdoor company whose innovations have revolutionized the way people experience the outdoors worldwide. Today, we're a close-knit team still obsessed with designing the most reliable, high-performance gear possible, using our knowledge of engineering and science to find better solutions to the challenges of the mountains.
At MSR, we are engineers, tinkerers and passionate outdoor users–each with strong perspectives on how a product should work based on our own experiences in the wild places we love. But collectively, we believe that innovative solutions are bred by challenging convention, and that functionality, simplicity and reliability are the governing elements of enduring design.
Today, many MSR products are still hand-built on manufacturing lines just a floor below where we concept them.
And we're still driven to engineer gear for those who believe a trusted companion can be as simple as a 20-year-old stove that burns strong on family backpacking trips, to a water filter that provides the safe hydration needed to fuel the greatest expeditions into the farthest reaches of the globe.



Technical specifications
Material: Titanium
Weight: 0,03 kg

1.3 L aluminum pot with Fusion® ceramic nonstick coating, ideal for soloists.

Adds capacity for 2-4 people, with Fusion® ceramic nonstick for easy clean-up.

Compact nonstick set with Fusion® ceramic, perfect for gourmet camp fare.

Durable Fusion® ceramic nonstick performance for stir-fry, pancakes, eggs and more.

MSR Quick Bratpfanne
Quick Bratpfanne
€34.00 *

Nonstick, hard-anodized aluminum skillet.

Light, rugged, reliable pot for simple meals favored by solo backpackers.

MSR Trail Lite 2l Topf
Trail Lite 2l Topf
€39.90 *

Light, durable, compact pot for 2, designed to save room in packs.

MSR Pika 1l Teekessel
Pika 1l Teekessel
€27.00 *

Ultralight, compact teapot with precise pour for coffee, tea & water-based meals.

MSR Titan 2er Topf Set
Titan 2er Topf Set
€160.00 *

Ultralight, minimalist titanium pot set for two.

MSR Titan Wasserkessel
Titan Wasserkessel
€70.00 *

Ultralight titanium with pot, mug, or bowl versatility.

MSR Titan Tasse
Titan Tasse
€45.00 *

Ultralight titanium durability.

Ultralight spoon/stove maintenance tool.

MSR Titan Kessel groß
Titan Kessel groß
€103.00 *

2 liter ultralight titanium kettle for higher-volume duties.

1.3 L aluminum pot with Fusion® ceramic nonstick coating, ideal for soloists.

This emergency filter system is ideal for everyone who wants to be prepared for the failure of the municipal water supply.

Direct Action Hard Gloves black
Direct Action
Hard Gloves black
€28.90 * €25.43 *

The perfect choice for anyone who works with firearms. Modern look, robust fabric and high wearing comfort.

Tasmanian Tiger TT IFAK Pouch VL L schwarz
Tasmanian Tiger
TT IFAK Pouch VL L schwarz
€40.00 * €35.20 *

First-aid kit with MOLLE hook and loop attachment.

5.11 Stryke Pant, braun
5.11 Tactical
Stryke® Pant, brown
€89.00 * From €77.43 *

12 pockets, including double- deep cargo pockets

Savotta Ess-Set oliv
Dining-Set olive
€19.95 *

Camping & Survival dining set

Helikon Tex Supertarp oliv
Shelter Supertarp olive
€47.90 * €42.15 *

Helikon-Tex made it out of plastic-coated ripstop fabric, available in other colors

Biwaksack Snugpak Stratosphere oliv
Bivy bag Stratosphere olive
€169.95 * €161.45 *

This one man bivvi shelter is much smaller than a standard tent but with all the features

The Tactical 3 is one of our most sought-after sleeping bag ranges, using state of the art fabrics to keep you dry, comfortable and warm

Snugpak Zelt Ionosphere für 1 Person
Zelt Ionosphere für 1 Person
€189.95 * €180.45 *

The Ionosphere ™ by Snugpak ® is a two-pole, one-door compact tent

Storm Pocket Lighter
Storm Pocket Lighter
€4.90 * €4.31 *

sehr leichtes Sturmfeuerzeug mit großer Stichflamme

Helikon-Tex OTP (Outdoor Tactical Pants) Versastretch Mud Brown
OTP (Outdoor Tactical Pants) Versastretch
€91.95 * €80.92 *

Super leichte Stretchhose, bestens geeignet für den Taktischen Einsatz und für den zivilen Gebrauch

Katadyn Technik Paket
Technical Package
€399.95 *

This set includes everything necessary to survive a longer power outage

Katadyn Wasser Paket-Typ 1
Water Package-Typ 1.1
€284.95 *

Water survival package

TT First Aid Complete
Tasmanian Tiger
TT First Aid Complete
€60.00 * €52.80 *

Perfect first aid equipment, for 1-4 people

Outdoor Research Aerator Gloves
Outdoor Research
Aerator Gloves
€30.90 * €27.19 *

Snug-fitting, high-stretch gloves designed for maximum dexterity and tactility in hot weather

Outdoor Research Halberd Gloves
Outdoor Research
Halberd Gloves
€54.90 * €48.31 *

Lightweight, incredibly breathable, and touch-screen technology compatible gloves designed for serious action in warm-weather environments

Outdoor Research Suppressor Gloves
Outdoor Research
Suppressor Gloves
€79.90 * €70.31 *

nug-fitting, durable, flame-resistant gloves built with a Nomex® interlock knit

Outdoor Research Firemark Gauntlet Gloves
Outdoor Research
Firemark Gauntlet Gloves
€92.90 * €81.75 *

lightweight, flame-resistant Nomex® fabric, and light padding and leather knuckles

Snugpak Allwetter Tarp
All Weather Tarp
€64.95 * €61.70 *

9,3 m² Tarp, suitable for 1-4 persons, weight 1000g

Snugpak Hammock Jungle
Hammock Jungle
€59.95 * €56.95 *

Hammock up to 180 kg load capacity, integrated mosquito net, small pack size, low weight, extremely tough

Terra Solo Kochset
Terra Solo Kochset
€34.95 *

for solo tours, anodized aluminum, non-stick coating, BOB outdoor sponge, mesh transport bag

CampStove 2 Kocher, iPhone, Feuer, Holz, USB Ladestation
CampStove 2
€149.95 *

Award winning cooker with battery, USB charging memory and light indicator

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