Valve Repair Kit

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Produktinformationen Valve Repair Kit

Easy to use repair kit with high-flow mattress valve and adhesive.
  • THE13312


Product information "Valve Repair Kit"

Did your dog chew the valve off your brand-new Therm-a-Rest® mattress? Our Valve Kit makes replacement quick and easy. It includes adhesive and a high-flow replacement valve that installs in a snap.

Technical specifications
Color: durchsichtig
Dimension: 13x23 cm
Weight: 0,04 kg
Dicke: 2,54 cm

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Our Story

The year was 1971. Seattle aerospace giant, Boeing, announced its largest layoff in company history, resulting in 50,000 people losing their jobs. So devastating was the impact on the local population, that a now infamous billboard near the SeaTac airport read, “Will the last person leaving Seattle, please turn out the lights?”Among the newly jobless were my good friends Jim Lea and Neil Anderson—both engineers who were eager to get back to work. Turning to me for ideas, I told them that as a mountain climber, I knew the world needed a better sleeping mattress. Air mattresses were cold and prone to leaking, while closed cell foam pads didn’t offer sufficient comfort. I wanted a mattress that was lightweight, warm and comfortable. Jim and Neil accepted the challenge. One day while Jim was working in his yard, he noticed that the gardening cushion he was kneeling on expelled air as he shifted his weight. That’s when lightning struck. Jim realized that open-cell foam had memory. Excited about this discovery, he and Neil began working on a mattress prototype. Their plan was to take a piece of open-cell foam, like that in Jim’s gardening cushion, and sandwich it between two pieces of airtight fabric. Using an old sandwich maker, they melted the fabric onto the foam, creating a bond that was perfectly airtight. They added a valve, and their prototype was ready to test.For months, we continued the process of testing, refining, and re-testing until we arrived at the perfect design. In 1972, Jim and Neil filed for a patent, and within two years we began production of Therm-a-Rest pads—the world’s first self-inflating mattress. Our collaboration produced a worldwide standard for outdoor sleeping comfort and a company – Cascade Designs, Inc. Today, we’re fortunate to remain a private, family-owned company that has grown to be one of the most respected outdoor equipment manufacturers in the world. We’ve achieved that distinction through a combination of the Therm-a-Rest brand’s enduring popularity, the acquisition of strong companies with superior products and shared visions, and by sticking to the same fundamental principles we were founded upon: providing relevant and innovative products, exceptional quality, and service that exceeds your expectations. In the pursuit of quality, I believe that the strength of our products is a key to the success of our brands and that whenever possible, we should manufacture what we sell. Though much of the world’s manufacturing has shifted from North American and Europe to Asia, we still build the vast majority of our products in our facilities in Seattle, USA and Cork, Ireland. This allows us to retain control over the quality and availability of what we sell, to distribute regionally, thereby minimizing wasteful shipping, and to keep jobs here at home. Because of this priority, dedicated people show up every day to make sure we continue to fulfill our promise of superior innovation, quality and service. Looking forward, I see our future success assured by continuing to do what Jim, Neil and I set out to do over 40 years ago—create innovative, quality solutions to real-world needs by listening to you. With your needs to guide us, our strong engineering, testing and manufacturing team comprised of avid outdoors people will continue our legacy of providing you with the most innovative, useful and long-lasting products, made in the most environmentally responsible means possible. I am humbled with what we have been able to accomplish over the years and that our products have been an integral part of the outdoor experience for so many people around the world. Though we face many levels of uncertainty in these challenging times, we are all lucky enough to have those experiences—and many more to come—to ground us and give us perspective on what’s truly important. I encourage you to remember the restorative powers of the outdoors, to seek them as often as possible and to spread the word. And whether you get out once a week or once a year, try us out. I’m confident you’ll find that the lasting value of quality products will make your experiences even better.


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Technical specifications

Color: durchsichtig
Dimension: 13x23 cm
Weight: 0,04 kg
Dicke: 2,54 cm
Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite Isomatte
NeoAir XLite Isomatte
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Our trusted ultralight air pad offers lightweight warmth and packable support.

Therm-a-Rest ProLite Apex Isomatte
ProLite Apex Isomatte
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Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Isomatte
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Crafted for three-season adventures by combining comfort, warmth and packability.

Therm-a-Rest ProLite Isomatte
ProLite Isomatte
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The lightest and most compact self-inflating mattress available.

Therm-a-Rest Z Lite SOL silber-gelb
Z Lite SOL silber-gelb
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Lightest, most compact closed-cell mattress.

Camp Cup Tasse grau
€19.90 *

Large camp cup made of hard-anodized aluminum. May be heated on gas cookers or over fire

Whoever had to trudge and flounder through deep snow, marshy meadows or muddy tracks would know how useful and advantageous thing is a pair of long, sturdy, breathable gaiters

Erdnagel orange
Tarp Stakes orange
€9.50 *

Tarp Stakes are a set of four lightweight aluminum tarp pegs

Kleine Stabile Alubox
Survival Tin Box
€4.90 *

Survival Tin Box is a durable container for carrying small elements to help you get out of a crisis situation

TT Multipurpose Sling schwarz
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Multipurpose Sling black
€35.00 *

Padded carrying strap with various carrying and attachment options

TT Modular Collector schwarz
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Modular Collector S black
€8.00 *

Mesh bag for medical gear with hook-and-loop back panel

TT Mesh Pocket Set XL grau
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Mesh Pocket Set grey
€60.00 *

Set of four packing cubes in combinable range of sizes

Pentagon Super Gürtel schwarz
Super Gürtel schwarz
€28.50 *

Tactical belt with multifunctional pouches.

Mission bag with water-supply delivery system, light weight and easy to use.

SealLine Pro Dry Pack schwarz
Pro Dry Pack schwarz
From €200.00 *

Our most supportive & fully-adjustable waterproof packs available in 70L & 120L.

Wisport Waffentasche 100 schwarz
Waffentasche 100 schwarz
€135.00 *

Light padded weapon bag with outer compartment, shoulder straps and MOLLE surface.

Tasmanian Tiger TT IFAK Pouch VL L schwarz
Tasmanian Tiger
TT IFAK Pouch VL L schwarz
€40.00 *

First-aid kit with MOLLE hook and loop attachment.

Tasmanian Tiger TT Mesh Pouch VL Set
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Mesh Pouch VL Set coyote-braun
€14.00 *

Semi-transparent storage bags with zippers in three different sizes.

SnigelDesign Duffel Bag 120l
Duffel Bag black, 120l
€169.00 *

120l bag with padded handles - work as shoulder straps as well

5.11 Tactical Hexgrid 12X9 Tragesystem
5.11 Tactical
Hexgrid 12X9 Gear Set black
€34.95 * €32.50 *

multi-directional modular tactical gear system

5.11 Tactical LV10 Sling schwarz, 13 L Tasche
5.11 Tactical
LV10 Sling black, 13 L bag
€124.90 * €116.16 *

powerful sling pack with a discreet design ideal for special forces in covert operations

Constructed to U.S. military standard 810G for thermal, shock and water resistance (rated to 100 metres)

5.11 Double Deploy Tragesystem, schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Double Deploy Gear Set, black
€27.95 * €25.99 *

Individual detachable pouches, G hooks, split S/R buckles and hook backing for Gear Set™ product compatibility

5.11 Hexgrid® 9x9 Gear Set Tragesystem, schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Hexgrid® 9x9 Gear Set, black
€34.95 * €32.50 *

Patented HEXGRID® load bearing system, 420D / 1000D CORDURA

5.11 Rucksack All Hazards Prime 32L schwarz
5.11 Tactical
Backpack All Hazards Prime 32L black
€199.00 * €185.07 *

Tear-out medical pouches, padded laptop sleeve, durable1050D nylon

It has a roof pentaprism design, rotating eyecups, a non-slip central focusing wheel and a diopter adjustment


EDC shoulder bag, available in different colours, enough storage space for Tablet and other accessoires

Selbstaufladbarer Kurbelradio, mit integriertem Solarpanel

Storm Pocket Lighter
Storm Pocket Lighter
€4.90 * €4.56 *

sehr leichtes Sturmfeuerzeug mit großer Stichflamme

Katadyn Technik Paket
Technical Package
€399.95 *

This set includes everything necessary to survive a longer power outage

Water Package-Typ 2
Water Package-Typ 2
€159.95 *

Water storage

Katadyn Wasser Paket-Typ 1
Water Package-Typ 1.1
€284.95 *

Water survival package

TT First Aid Complete MKII
Tasmanian Tiger
TT First Aid Complete MKII
€65.00 *

Perfect first aid equipment, for 1-4 people

BCB Fireball Flint Feuerstarter
BCB Adventure Ltd
Fireball Flint
€6.95 *

Fire starter, simple, fast and efficient

BCB Winter Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Winter Kit
€39.95 *

Winter Kit, a MUST HAVE for all car owners and householders

BCB Survival Essentials Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Survival Essentials Kit
€25.50 *

Wasserdichtes Survival-Set, Notfallausrüstung

BCB 72 Hour Home Survival Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
72 Hour Home Survival Kit
€199.00 *

A lot of survival tools to deal with crisis situations

Optimus Brennstoff-Flaschen
Fuel Bottles
€15.95 *

Liquid fuel, available in four sizes, S: 0.4 l, M: 0.6 l, L: 1.0 l, XL: 1.5 l, with child-resistant cap

Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Laterne
Goal Zero
Lighthouse Micro Laterne
€29.95 *
Goal Zero Mini Laterne
Goal Zero
Lighthouse Mini Laterne
€54.95 *

kleine Stehlampe, ohne Steckdose, einfach ein Solarpanel mit der Lampe verknüpfen

Goal Zero Flip 30 Recharger
Goal Zero
Flip 30 Recharger Grey
€39.95 *
LifeStraw Mission 12L
Mission Wasserfilter Outdoor
From €119.95 *

Wasserfilter und Wasserblase mit 12L und 5L Volumen


Water bottle with carbon filter, 4000 liters of impure water can be filtered with it

Nitecore P20UV Taschenlampe
P20 UV
€84.95 *

Flashlight with different modes and UV light

LifeStraw Steel Wasserfilter
LifeStraw Steel
€59.95 *

Filter with hollow fiber membrane, far more than 1000 liters can be filtered with it

Water filter that can save lives, whether on land or on water

Lantern with a series of ingenious features