Water Package-Typ 2

Water Package-Typ 2
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Water is vital for life – humans can only survive for a few days without water. So a reliable... more
Product information "Water Package-Typ 2"

Water is vital for life – humans can only survive for a few days without water. So a reliable supply of drinking water must always be part of our preparations to handle a crisis. Water supply disruptions may occur unexpectedly, and even if there is water, it may be contaminated. We need pure water not only for drinking, but also for preparing our meals and for washing. The Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L included in this pack enables water contaminated by microorganisms to be immediately transformed into pure drinking water without requiring any boiling or chemical additives. The Micropur Classic sterilization tablets also included are ideal for preserving drinking water over a period of six months. The 10 l collapsible canister ensures a safe transport of the water. Supplied in a transport bucket with lid.


Signal word: Warning
Warnings: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Hazard statements: Very toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

Technical specifications
Storage conditions: keep cool and dry
Number of boxes: 1
Temperature: 20°C ± 5.
Max. quantity of packets per pallet: 30
Hight complete pallet (cm): 160
Weight: 0,9 kg
Dimension of one box (cm - Length x Width x Height): 30 x 25 x 23 cm
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Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more

Katadyn is the Switzerland-based market leader for portable, personal water treatment systems and products for the survival, outdoor and marine industries. 

Under the guiding principle "Making water drinking water", Katadyn develops and manufactures its portable water filters, desalinators and chemical disinfectants for camping, trekking or survival adventures.

With Katadyn products, clean drinking water is a given even in remote corners of the globe. As functionally multipurpose as a Swiss army knife, the finely tuned product portfolio offers diverse and personal solutions for water treatment. Still made in Switzerland today, the product line ranges from water filters and tried-and-true Micropur tablets to the smallest manual desalinator for marine applications. 

One thing all products have in common is our high standard of quality, reliability and easy operation. For that reason, many international aid organizations as well as the military rely on the survival aid and life-saving support from market leader Katadyn. 

Technical specifications
Storage conditions: keep cool and dry
Number of boxes: 1
Temperature: 20°C ± 5.
Max. quantity of packets per pallet: 30
Hight complete pallet (cm): 160
Weight: 0,9 kg
Dimension of one box (cm - Length x Width x Height): 30 x 25 x 23 cm
MSR Notfall-Filter für Zuhause
Notfall-Filter für Zuhause
€55.00 * €46.75 *

This emergency filter system is ideal for everyone who wants to be prepared for the failure of the municipal water supply.


This water filter fits in every pocket and quickly delivers clean drinking water from any source.

MSR AutoFlow XL Schwerkraftfilter 10l
AutoFlow XL Schwerkraftfilter 10l
€110.00 * €93.50 *

Fast filtering with large capacity, for groups and base camps.

MSR Thru-Link Inline Wasserfilter
Thru-Link Inline Wasserfilter
€55.00 * €46.75 *

Turns any hydration system into a filter system for clean water on every adventure.

MSR Trail Base 2l Wasserfilter-Kit
Trail Base 2l Wasserfilter-Kit
€140.00 * €119.00 *

Ultra-versatile system that offers gravity filtration at camp + a small filter for the trail.

BCB Winter Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Winter Kit
€39.95 *

Winter Kit, a MUST HAVE for all car owners and householders

Katadyn Technik Paket
Technical Package
€399.95 *

This set includes everything necessary to survive a longer power outage

Katadyn Wasser Paket-Typ 1
Water Package-Typ 1.1
€284.95 *

Water survival package

BCB 72 Hour Home Survival Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
72 Hour Home Survival Kit
€199.00 *

A lot of survival tools to deal with crisis situations

MSR Alpine 775ml Stowaway Topf
Alpine 775ml Stowaway Topf
€26.00 * €22.10 *

Durable stainless steel pots.

MSR Alpine Bratpfanne
Alpine Bratpfanne
€31.00 * €26.35 *

Our most durable group pot set.

MSR Flex 3 Koch Set
Flex 3 Koch Set
€140.00 * €119.00 *

Versatile, high capacity cook and eat system for three.

MSR Alpinist 2 Koch Set
Alpinist 2 Koch Set
€88.00 * €74.80 *

Single pot, 2-person cook system.

Small 10l backpack made of Cordura with a large main compartment and daisy chain attachment options.

Direct Action Messenger Bag MK II coyote-brown
Direct Action
Messenger Bag MK II coyote-brown
€85.00 *

Light shoulder bag, for tactical use.

Equipment belt with carrying system with material with IRR treatment.

Helikon-Tex made it out of plastic-coated ripstop fabric, available in other colors

Minimalist, symmetrical structure. Space for basic cargo, additional ammunition and multi-tools.

SnigelDesign Duffel Bag 120l
Duffel Bag olive, 120l
€169.00 *

120l bag with padded handles - work as shoulder straps as well

5.11 Tactical LV10 Sling schwarz, 13 L Tasche
5.11 Tactical
LV10 Sling navy, 13 L bag
€129.95 *

powerful sling pack with a discreet design ideal for special forces in covert operations

5.11 Tactical Dart Duffel schwarz, 40 L Tasche
5.11 Tactical
Dart Duffel oliv, 40 L Bag
€119.95 *

travel and utility bag made of waterproof 420D nylon

Sock & Awe Crew - Tropic Thunder
5.11 Tactical
Sock & Awe Crew - Tropic Thunder
€14.95 *

in other sizes & motive

5.11 Side Trip 32l Tasche
5.11 Tactical
Side Trip 32l Briefcase, black
€119.95 *

Multi-functional Side Trip Briefcase is built for the battlefield and the boardroom

Helikon Tex Ammo Bucket - Munitionstasche, oliv
Ammo Bucket olive
€34.00 *

It is a rugged sack to carry and organize ammunition on the range

Helikon Tex Range Polo Langarmshirt oliv
Range Polo Shirt oliv
€36.95 *

was designed by the professional shooters

Helikon Tex Mini Service Pocket grau
Mini Service Pocket, grey
€19.95 *

A compact pouch containing firearms essential cleaning kit

Rettungsdecke Biwaksack oliv
BCB Adventure Ltd
Bad weather bag oliv
€9.95 *

Notfalldecke als Biwaksack high visible orange

is an improved model of the Light Border Patrol backpack originally designed for the Finnish Border Guard

Bag capacity when closed: 80+ litres, 1000D Cordura material

105 L duffel bag, ideal carryall for traveling, your trunk, and recreation

Tasmanian Tiger TT Leg Base schwarz
Tasmanian Tiger
Leg Plate TT Leg Base black
€29.00 *

MOLLE system leg plates, available in other colours

Clawgear MK.II Instructor Shirt grey
Instructor Shirt MK II grey
€39.90 * €35.91 *

tactical T-Shirt with pockets and velcro developed for instructors

Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch S black
Tasmanian Tiger
€24.95 *

First Aid Kit with quick-access system, pull out panel for individual loading

Invader Gear Waffentasche 130cm
Invader Gear
Padded Rifle Carrier 130cm
€56.90 * From €51.21 *

Very versatile and robust weapon bag for sniper rifles with a length of up to 120 cm

Tasmanian Tiger TT Wallet RFID B
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Wallet RFID B
€23.95 *

Wallet with all-round security zip, RFID read protection with integrated CRYPTALLOY® foil

Tactical T-Shirt with HeatGear® Technology and Anti-odor technology

BCB Map Reading Compass
BCB Adventure Ltd
Map Reading Compass
€9.95 *

Map Reading Compass, with Nylon Lanyard included

For water storage, vacuum formed, small pack size

Katadyn BeFree Filter 3 L
BeFree Filter 3.0 L
€59.95 *
Katadyn BeFree 0.6 L
BeFree Filter 0.6 L
€44.95 *

Gravity filter for hanging, drinking bags in different sizes and variants available, version Tactical Line is NEW

LifeStraw Mission 12L
Mission Wasserfilter Outdoor
€119.95 * From €113.95 *

Wasserfilter und Wasserblase mit 12L und 5L Volumen

LifeStraw Community
Community mit Auto Fill
€549.00 * €521.55 *

Drinking water supply, suitable for schools, hospitals and areas without access to safe drinking water

LifeStraw Go 2-Stage (green)"
LifeStraw Go 2-Stage (different colors)
€49.95 * €47.45 *

Water bottle with carbon filter, 1000 liters of impure water can be filtered with it

LifeStraw, filtert bis zu 4000l Wasser
LifeStraw, filtert bis zu 4000l Wasser
€24.95 * €23.70 *

Water filter that can save lives, whether on land or on water

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