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Hubba NX tent
Hubba NX tent
€409.90 * €352.51 *

Sehr leicht und wohnlich für eine Person

MSR Papa Hubba NX
Papa Hubba NX tent
€699.90 * €601.91 *

4 Personen Zelt, genug Platz für die gesamte Familie

MSR Carbon Reflex 2
Carbon Reflex 2 tent
€589.90 * €507.31 *

leichtes 2 Personen Zelt, passt in jeden Rucksack

Carbon Reflex 1 tent
Carbon Reflex 1 tent
€464.90 * €399.81 *

1 Personen Zelt, extrem leicht und klein verstaubar

Carbon Reflex 3 tent
Carbon Reflex 3 tent
€759.90 * €653.51 *

Ultraleichtes 3 Personen Zelt aus Carbon

MSR Mutha Hubba NX
Mutha Hubba NX tent
€579.90 * €498.71 *

3-Personen Zelt, inklusive viel Bewegungsfreiheit im Kopf und Ellenbogenbereich

MSR Hubba Tour 2
Hubba Tour 2 tent
€629.90 * €541.71 *

2 Personen Rucksackzelt, extrem klein und leicht

Snugpak Softie Elite 4 Schlafsack
Military Sleeping bag -10°C Softie Elite 4
€109.95 * €104.45 *

3-season sleeping bag, Temperature range comfort: -10°C, for warmer and colder days, special EPS volume system to adjust the size of the sleeping bag


robust synthetic sleeping bag, mummy shape, with a comfort range of -5 ° C

robust synthetic sleeping bag in camouflage, mummy shape, with a comfort range of -5 ° C

Snugpak Stasha Basha Tarp
Stasha G2 Tarp oliv
€54.90 * €52.16 *

waterproof Tarp, very sturdy despite small pack size, usable as bivy bag, can be coupled with a second Stasha Tarp

4-season sleeping bag, with a comfort range of -12 ° C, mummy shape

Snugpak Hammock Tropical
Tropical Hammock
€49.95 * €47.45 *

Hammock made of sturdy parachute nylon, with side-mounted packsack

Snugpak Hammock Jungle
Hammock Jungle
€59.95 * €56.95 *

Hammock up to 180 kg load capacity, integrated mosquito net, small pack size, low weight, extremely tough

Snugpak Allwetter Tarp
All Weather Tarp
€64.95 * €61.70 *

9,3 m² Tarp, suitable for 1-4 persons, weight 1000g

Basecamp OPS Thermomatte Maxi olive
Basecamp OPS Self-inflating Maxi Mat
€69.95 * €66.45 *

Self-inflating mattress, low weight, small pack size

Basecamp OPS Thermomatte Midi olive
Basecamp OPS Self-inflating Midi Mat
€59.95 * €56.95 *

Self-inflating mattress, low weight, small pack size

Comfort sleeping pad, weight reducing with vertical air channels, built-in sleeping pillow

BCB Self Inflating Sleeping Mattress
BCB Adventure Ltd
Self Inflating Sleeping Mattress
€29.95 * €26.36 *

lightweight mattress, mummy shape, with a stuff sack

BCB Insect net protector
BCB Adventure Ltd
Insect Net Protector
€59.95 * €52.76 *

Mosquito net, compatible with the cot from BCB

BCB Sleep-Lite Folding Sleeping Mat
BCB Adventure Ltd
Sleep-Lite Folding Sleeping Mat
€21.95 * €19.32 *

Foldable sleeping mat, durable and compression resistant, meets the military standards of the British Army

TT First Aid Complete MKII
Tasmanian Tiger
TT First Aid Complete MKII
€65.00 * €57.85 *

Perfect first aid equipment, for 1-4 people

MSR Hubba Hubba NX
Hubba Hubba NX
€459.90 * €395.51 *

Ultralight 2 person tent, bestselling tent by MSR

Snugpak Softie Elite 5 oliv
Sleeping bag -15°C Softie Elite 5 oliv
€129.95 * €123.45 *

Snugpak EPS (Expanda Panel System) bags give versatility to tackle any adventure

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