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schwarze Schuhcreme, pflegt und imprägniert Leder-Schuhe

farblose Schuhcreme, pflegt und imprägniert Leder-Schuhe

Snugpak Meldeblock Wasserfest olive
Water Resistant Notebook
€2.99 * €2.84 *

waterproof all-weather notebook, sheets are acrylic coated, writable even when wet

BCB Solar Shower (20 Litre)
BCB Adventure Ltd
Solar Shower 20 l
€8.95 * €7.88 *

Solar heated 20l shower, fits in any backpack, perfect for travelers whether on foot or by car

BCB DryBag Tablet
BCB Adventure Ltd
DryBag Tablet 23 cm (8,9")
€22.99 * €20.23 *

100% waterproof tablet case, protects against water, dust, sand, dirt and much more.

BCB Folding Toothbrush
BCB Adventure Ltd
Folding Toothbrush
€2.30 * €2.02 *

Compact travel toothbrush, hygienic and easy to store

BCB Adventure Survival Tin
BCB Adventure Ltd
BCB Adventure Survival Tin
€19.95 * €17.56 *

Survival box, contains loads of useful gadgets, fits in any trouser pocket

BCB 72 Hour Home Survival Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
72 Hour Home Survival Kit
€199.00 * €175.12 *

A lot of survival tools to deal with crisis situations

Waterproof Survival Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Waterproof Survival Kit
€29.95 * €26.36 *

Waterproof bag, with high quality content, essential for survival

BCB Survival Essentials Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Survival Essentials Kit
€25.50 * €22.44 *

Wasserdichtes Survival-Set, Notfallausrüstung

BCB Winter Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Winter Kit
€39.95 * €35.16 *

Winter Kit, a MUST HAVE for all car owners and householders

BCB First Aid Survival Bag
BCB Adventure Ltd
First Aid Survival Bag
€9.95 * €8.76 *

Emergency blanket, printed with survival informations

BCB Patrol Commander's Map Case
BCB Adventure Ltd
Patrol Commander's Map Case
€11.95 * €10.52 *

Map case, with window pocket for maps, in Multicam

BCB Gaffa Black Tape
BCB Adventure Ltd
Gaffa Black Tape
€8.95 * €7.88 *

Tape, ideal for running repairs & patching-up webbing

Camo Tape Fabric Multicam
BCB Adventure Ltd
Camo Tape Fabric Multicam
€11.95 * €10.52 *

Camo Tape, lenght: 10 m, ideal for running repairs & patching-up back packs

BCB Twist Razor
BCB Adventure Ltd
Twist Razor
€9.95 * €8.76 *

Twist razor, fits in any trouser pocket

BCB Combat Wash Bag
BCB Adventure Ltd
Toilettentasche mulitcam
€10.95 * €9.64 *

Combat wash bag, 3x stuff pouches

BCB Aqua Loo Toiletry Bag
BCB Adventure Ltd
Toiletry- Medical Bag
€9.95 * €8.76 *

Toiletry Bag in multicam

BCB Camo Cream Stick
BCB Adventure Ltd
€4.95 * From €4.36 *

Camo cream, Camo-Woodland, Skin friendly

BCB Multi Terrain Camo Compact Cream (MTP)
BCB Adventure Ltd
Multi Terrain Camo Compact Cream (MTP)
€6.95 * €6.12 *

Camo cream, belongs to the NATO standard equipment

BCB Shemagh olive/black
BCB Adventure Ltd
Shemagh (Multi Colour Options)
€12.95 * €11.40 *

Headgear, protects against sun, sand and wind, covers helmet and face, available in different colors

BCB Striker Fire Flint (with Magnesium Block)
BCB Adventure Ltd
Striker Fire Flint (with Magnesium Block)
€9.95 * €8.76 *

Igniter with magnesium block, make fire quickly and easily

BCB Fireball Flint Feuerstarter
BCB Adventure Ltd
Fireball Flint
€6.95 * €6.12 *

Fire starter, simple, fast and efficient

Duct Tape
Pro Tape
Duct Tape Mil Spec
€18.90 *

27m / 30yard duct tape in different colors - mil standards

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