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Nitecore P20UV Taschenlampe
P20 UV
€84.95 *

Flashlight with different modes and UV light

Walther Pro PL30
Walther Pro
Flashlight PL30, 90lm
€29.95 * €26.36 *

The tubular Walther Pro PL30 is the smallest member of the Pocket Light series

Walther Pro PL60
Walther Pro
Flashlight PL60, watertight
€59.90 * €52.71 *

It features an output of up to 500 lumens, a multi battery system and a turning focus, PX8 rating for watertightness to 15 m

Walther Pro PL70
Walther Pro
Flashlight PL70, 935lm
€79.90 * €70.31 *

A very strong 935-lumen beam, incl. an electronic temperature control prevents for overheating of the LEDs

Walther Pro PL70 La Chasse
Walther Pro
Flashlight PL70 La Chasse, 910lm
€89.90 * €79.11 *

The hunting edition of the proven PL70 flashlight, in bright orange so you won’t lose it out in the field

Taschenlampe Walther Pro PL75mc
Walther Pro
Flashlight PL75mc Mulitcolor
€79.90 * €70.31 *

Four in one: The PL75mc (mc for multicolor) has a 360° rotating head (chip: XML-RGBW) that can quickly switch between white, red, green and blue


Flashlight for hunters, White delivers up to 210 lumens, red is for protecting the user’s night vision, green is invisible to game, and blue is for detecting fluids

Taschenlampe Walther Pro PL80
Walther Pro
Flashlight PL80, 600lm
€69.90 * €61.51 *

The Walther PL80 is powered by four alkaline AAA batteries or rechargeable NiMH-batteries. With a length of 134 mm it fits perfectly in your hand

Taschenlampe Walther Pro UV5
Walther Pro
Flashlight UV5 ultraviolet light
€59.90 * €52.71 *

This is the first flashlight in the Walther Pro series that emits only ultraviolet light (the 5 W UV hi-power LED has a wavelength of 395 nm)

Taschenlampe Walther Pro SL40
Walther Pro
Flashlight SL40, 275lm
€49.90 * €43.91 *

Slim and short, but powerful: The Walther Pro SL40 emits a 275-lumen beam according to the ANSI FL1 standard (Cree XP-L LED)

Taschenlampe Walther Pro SL65
Walther Pro
Flashlight SL65, 760lm
€79.90 * €70.31 *

The SL65, another member of the Slim Line series, delivers an astounding 759 lumens according to the ANSI FL1 standard (always measured using the batteries supplied with the flashlight – in this case two CR123A lithium cells)

Taschenlampe Walther Pro SL66r
Walther Pro
Flashlight SL66r, 950lm
€99.90 * €87.91 *

The SL66r, a member of the Slim Line series, produces a beam of 950 lumens with its rechargeable ICR 18650 lithium-ion battery

Made specifically for tactical & military users, this handheld light has an incredible 10,0500 Lumen output, an amazing 675 meter throw

Multi-Color Search Light - white, red, green, blue with 11.000 Lumen

EDC Flashlight with 1180lm & magnetic tail cap gives great flexibility on how the light is used

tactical flashlight pen with 140lm, glass breaker, self defense

5.11 Tactical Station 2AA Taschenlampe
5.11 Tactical
Station 2AA flashlight
€49.95 *

Robust simple flashlight

5.11 Tactical Station 3D Taschenlampe
5.11 Tactical
Station 3D flashlighth
€99.95 *

tactical flashlight for police and military

5.11 Tactical Rapid 1AA Taschenlampe
5.11 Tactical
Rapid 1AA flashlight
€44.95 *

powerful and reliable flashlight with 160 lumens

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