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Accessories for CampStove 2

Optimus Terra HE Cook Set
Terra HE Cook Set
€69.95 * €66.45 *

Cook set, anodized aluminum, non-stick coating, three-piece cooking set, neoprene pocket to keep warm

Optimus Terra Xpress HE Kochtopf/Cooking Pot
Terra Xpress HE Cooking Pot
€44.95 * €42.70 *

Cookware, low weight, saucepan, large volume, integrated strainer

Optimus Terra Weekend HE Kochset/Cook Set
Terra Weekend HE Cook Set
€39.95 * €37.95 *

2-piece cooking set, made of anodized aluminum with non-stick coating, frying pan, with sponge and mesh bag

Terra Solo Kochset
Terra Solo Kochset
€34.95 * €33.20 *

for solo tours, anodized aluminum, non-stick coating, BOB outdoor sponge, mesh transport bag

Optimus Wasserkessel/Kettle
€21.95 * €20.85 *

Ultralight kettle, anodised aluminum

(H)eat Insulation Pouch
(H)eat Insulation Pouch
€14.95 * €14.20 *

Heat pouch for meals from the stand-up food bag, side pockets for warming the hands, also usable as potholders

Savotta Ess-Set oliv
Dining-Set olive
€19.95 * €18.95 *

Camping & Survival dining set

Savotta Essgeschirr - Finnischen Armee oliv
Canteen Pack - Finnish Army olive
€29.95 * €28.45 *

Original canteen pack of the finnisch army

Highlander Camping Kocher
Camp Stove
€34.95 *

leicht und kompakt, ideal für Campingreisen

The smallest and lightest ultra pack-efficient cook set for soloists.

The ultimate space-maximizing minimalist cook set for two backpackers.

Light and compact cook set engineered for solo backpackers.

Light and compact two-person cook set.

Single pot, 2-person cook system.

Two-person, two-pot cook and eat system.

MSR Flex 3 Koch Set
Flex 3 Koch Set
€140.00 *

Versatile, high capacity cook and eat system for three.

MSR Flex 4 Koch Set
Flex 4 Koch Set
€170.00 *

Our most comprehensive, high-capacity cook system for four or more.

1.3 L aluminum pot with Fusion® ceramic nonstick coating, ideal for soloists.

Adds capacity for 2-4 people, with Fusion® ceramic nonstick for easy clean-up.

Compact nonstick set with Fusion® ceramic, perfect for gourmet camp fare.

Durable Fusion® ceramic nonstick performance for stir-fry, pancakes, eggs and more.

MSR Quick Bratpfanne
Quick Bratpfanne
€34.00 *

Nonstick, hard-anodized aluminum skillet.

Light, rugged, reliable pot for simple meals favored by solo backpackers.

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