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Tasmanian Tiger TT Wallet RFID B
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Wallet RFID B
€23.95 *

Wallet with all-round security zip, RFID read protection with integrated CRYPTALLOY® foil


schwarze Schuhcreme, pflegt und imprägniert Leder-Schuhe

farblose Schuhcreme, pflegt und imprägniert Leder-Schuhe

BCB Solar Shower (20 Litre)
BCB Adventure Ltd
Solar Shower 20 l
€8.95 *

Solar heated 20l shower, fits in any backpack, perfect for travelers whether on foot or by car

BCB DryBag Tablet
BCB Adventure Ltd
DryBag Tablet 23 cm (8,9")
€22.99 *

100% waterproof tablet case, protects against water, dust, sand, dirt and much more.

BCB Folding Toothbrush
BCB Adventure Ltd
Folding Toothbrush
€2.30 *

Compact travel toothbrush, hygienic and easy to store

BCB Adventure Survival Tin
BCB Adventure Ltd
BCB Adventure Survival Tin
€19.95 *

Survival box, contains loads of useful gadgets, fits in any trouser pocket

BCB 72 Hour Home Survival Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
72 Hour Home Survival Kit
€199.00 *

A lot of survival tools to deal with crisis situations

BCB Survival Essentials Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Survival Essentials Kit
€25.50 *

Wasserdichtes Survival-Set, Notfallausrüstung

BCB Winter Kit
BCB Adventure Ltd
Winter Kit
€39.95 *

Winter Kit, a MUST HAVE for all car owners and householders

BCB First Aid Survival Bag
BCB Adventure Ltd
First Aid Survival Bag
€9.95 *

Emergency blanket, printed with survival informations

BCB Patrol Commander's Map Case
BCB Adventure Ltd
Patrol Commander's Map Case
€11.95 *

Map case, with window pocket for maps, in Multicam

BCB Gaffa Black Tape
BCB Adventure Ltd
Gaffa Black Tape
€8.95 *

Tape, ideal for running repairs & patching-up webbing

Camo Tape Fabric Multicam
BCB Adventure Ltd
Camo Tape Fabric Multicam
€11.95 *

Camo Tape, lenght: 10 m, ideal for running repairs & patching-up back packs

BCB Twist Razor
BCB Adventure Ltd
Twist Razor
€9.95 *

Twist razor, fits in any trouser pocket

BCB Combat Wash Bag
BCB Adventure Ltd
Toilettentasche mulitcam
€10.95 *

Combat wash bag, 3x stuff pouches

BCB Aqua Loo Toiletry Bag
BCB Adventure Ltd
Toiletry- Medical Bag
€9.95 *

Toiletry Bag in multicam

BCB Camo Cream Stick
BCB Adventure Ltd
From €4.95 *

Camo cream, Camo-Woodland, Skin friendly

Camo cream, belongs to the NATO standard equipment

BCB Shemagh olive/black
BCB Adventure Ltd
Shemagh (Multi Colour Options)
€12.95 *

Headgear, protects against sun, sand and wind, covers helmet and face, available in different colors

Igniter with magnesium block, make fire quickly and easily

BCB Fireball Flint Feuerstarter
BCB Adventure Ltd
Fireball Flint
€6.95 *

Fire starter, simple, fast and efficient

Duct Tape
Pro Tape
Duct Tape Mil Spec
€18.90 *

27m / 30yard duct tape in different colors - mil standards

Paracord Armband schwarz
Invader Gear
Shackle Bracelet
€4.90 *

strong Paracord Bracelet for survival adventures

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