Return & Refund Policy

Customers, who in their relationship with sekastores GmbH, are to be regarded as consumers as defined by the relevant statutory provisions of the law applicable to the respective transaction, have a right of withdrawal or cancellation respectively insofar as this is provided for by such law. This right must be asserted within the period of time applicable in accordance with the respective statutory provisions by means of a declaration corresponding to the respective provisions, and in all events in writing.

The goods delivered and taken over respectively must be properly returned to sekastores GmbH simultaneously with the declaration of cancellation, otherwise the declaration of withdrawal or cancellation respectively shall be legally ineffective.

Insofar as no longer statutory period is provided for this, the entitlement to withdrawal or cancellation shall apply within a period of seven working days from the acceptance of the goods, but at the most after sekastores GmbH has met the duties of notification applying to it in accordance with the relevant provisions.

In the event of effective withdrawal or cancellation respectively, both sides are obliged to immediately return the services they have each received and to hand over any benefits acquired, such as interest earnings or benefits of use or enjoyment. Appropriate compensation must be made accordingly for damage to the goods, for reductions in or loss of value, or for the partial or total loss of the goods.

The return or payment of compensation respectively must take place at the latest within 30 days of the declaration of withdrawal or cancellation. The costs of the return or of the payment of compensation respectively must be borne by the obligated party unless anything has been expressly agreed or warranted otherwise.

Together with the delivery of the goods sekastores GmbH shall re-send to recipients of goods that are consumers all the information that is required for the supplier to fulfill its duties of information to consumers.

If an article has been damaged or is unusable for any other reason, you can file a complaint. We will send you a replacement as soon as possible.

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