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WX Durtac SmartTouch black
Wiley X
Durtac SmartTouch black
€44.50 *
APX SmartTouch Black
Wiley X
APX black
€34.50 *
Lundhags Makke Wanderhose Ms Pant Forest Green
Makke Ms Pant Forest Green
€229.95 *

Functional and light hiking pant for demanding days outdoors

Lundhags Makke Pro Wanderhose Ms Pant schwarz
Makke Pro Ms Pant black
€299.95 *

winter version of Makke Pant, a hybrid pant that is suitable for skiing and hiking


Flexible und funktionale Wandershorts aus einer optimierten Gewebemischung mit Fokus auf Stretch für Bewegungsfreiheit und Langlebigkeit

Lundhags Authentic II Pant Forest Green/Dk Forest green
Authentic II Ms Pant
€180.00 *

geeignet für viele Körpertypen, Schoeller Stretcheinsätze

Softshell Jacket with warming fleece surface on the inside

fire retardant combat shirt, moisture wicking and sweat absortion, reliable Materials

Clawgear Rapax Softshell Jacket grau
Rapax Softshell Jacket grey
€129.90 *

Softshell Jacket for medium temperatures, small packing size, light weight

Field Shirt of newest generation for different tasks and units made out of mil spec fabrics

tactical T-Shirt with pockets and velcro developed for instructors

Clawgear Enforcer Flex Pant grey
Enforcer Flex Pant
From €109.90 *

multi purpose lightweight trousers combining elements of a modern combat pant and tactical pant

Tasmanian Tiger TT Tactical Belt MK II black
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Tactical Belt MK II
€59.95 *

Strong 43 mm belt with a Cobra® buckle by AustriAlpin, available in four sizes

Tasmanian Tiger TT 50 Belt black
Tasmanian Tiger
TT 50 Belt Gürtel
€9.95 *

Strong 50 mm waist belt with safety buckle

Tasmanian Tiger TT Equipment Belt MK II Set coyote/brown
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Equipment Belt MK II Set
€64.95 *

43 mm outer belt with 38 mm inner belt, incl. Cobra® buckle by AustriAlpin

Tasmanian Tiger TT Hyp Belt 30mm coyote-braun
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Hyp Belt 30
€9.95 *

Flat, partly elastic pants belt made of TPU-CORDURA® that is coated on both sides, with holes with MOLLE spacing

Outdoor Research Firemark Gauntlet Gloves
Outdoor Research
Firemark Gauntlet Gloves
€64.90 *

lightweight, flame-resistant Nomex® fabric, and light padding and leather knuckles

Outdoor Research Suppressor Gloves
Outdoor Research
Suppressor Gloves
€56.90 *

nug-fitting, durable, flame-resistant gloves built with a Nomex® interlock knit

Outdoor Research Aerator Gloves
Outdoor Research
Aerator Gloves
€30.90 *

Snug-fitting, high-stretch gloves designed for maximum dexterity and tactility in hot weather

Outdoor Research Obsidian Hooded Jacket
Outdoor Research
Obsidian Hooded Jacket
€434.90 *

one of the most versatile combinations of a HIGH-END softshell jackets on the market

Outdoor Research Colossus Parka
Outdoor Research
Thermojacke Colossus Parka
From €299.90 *

A military jacket in multicam for harsh conditions in deep temperatures developed for Military and Special Forces.

Outdoor Research Trade Craft Vest
Outdoor Research
Thermojacke Tradecraft Vest
€139.90 *

Insulated vest for cold days with PrimaLoft® Gold insulation, Part of Outdoor Research's IAS (Integrated Apparel System)

Outdoor Research Prevail Hooded Jacket
Outdoor Research
Prevail Hooded Jacket
€139.90 *

hooded jacket with a stretch fabric wind shell for highly aerobic pursuits in less-than-ideal weather conditions

BCB Shemagh olive/black
BCB Adventure Ltd
Shemagh (Multi Colour Options)
€12.95 *

Headgear, protects against sun, sand and wind, covers helmet and face, available in different colors

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