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WX Durtac SmartTouch black
Wiley X
Durtac SmartTouch black
€54.00 * €51.30 *
APX SmartTouch Black
Wiley X
APX black
€42.00 * €39.90 *
Lundhags Makke Pro Wanderhose Ms Pant schwarz
Makke Pro Ms Pant black
€299.95 *

winter version of Makke Pant, a hybrid pant that is suitable for skiing and hiking

Lundhags Authentic II Pant Forest Green/Dk Forest green
Authentic II Ms Pant
€180.00 *

geeignet für viele Körpertypen, Schoeller Stretcheinsätze

Clawgear Audax Softshell Jacket schwarz
Audax Softshell Jacket black
€144.90 * €137.66 *

Softshell Jacket with warming fleece surface on the inside

Clawgear Operator Combat Shirt black
Operator Combat Shirt black
€94.90 * €90.16 *

fire retardant combat shirt, moisture wicking and sweat absortion, reliable Materials

Clawgear Rapax Softshell Jacket grau
Rapax Softshell Jacket grey
€79.90 * From €75.91 *

Softshell Jacket for medium temperatures, small packing size, light weight

Clawgear Raider MK.IV Field Shirt flecktarn
Raider MK.IV Field Shirt flecktarn
€124.90 * €118.66 *

Field Shirt of newest generation for different tasks and units made out of mil spec fabrics

Clawgear MK.II Instructor Shirt black
Instructor Shirt MK II black
€49.90 * €47.41 *

tactical T-Shirt with pockets and velcro developed for instructors

Clawgear Enforcer Flex Pant grey
Enforcer Flex Pant
€66.90 * €63.56 *

multi purpose lightweight trousers combining elements of a modern combat pant and tactical pant

Clawgear Defiant Flex Pants oliv
Defiant Flex Pant
€53.90 * €51.21 *

leightweight pants concepted and designed for tactical applications as well as every day carry

Tasmanian Tiger TT Tactical Belt MK II black
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Tactical Belt MK II
€80.00 *

Strong 43 mm belt with a Cobra® buckle by AustriAlpin, available in four sizes

Tasmanian Tiger TT 50 Belt black
Tasmanian Tiger
TT 50 Belt Gürtel
€12.00 *

Strong 50 mm waist belt with safety buckle

Tasmanian Tiger TT Equipment Belt MK II Set coyote/brown
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Equipment Belt MK II Set
€90.00 *

43 mm outer belt with 38 mm inner belt, incl. Cobra® buckle by AustriAlpin

Tasmanian Tiger TT Hyp Belt 30mm coyote-braun
Tasmanian Tiger
TT Hyp Belt 30
€12.00 *

Flat, partly elastic pants belt made of TPU-CORDURA® that is coated on both sides, with holes with MOLLE spacing

Outdoor Research Infiltrator Jacket
Outdoor Research
Rain Jacket Infiltrator
€799.90 *

Wet Weather Jacket, Hybrid-Mapped construction with GORE-TEX® Fabric with Stretch Technology

Outdoor Research Colossus Parka
Outdoor Research
Thermojacke Colossus Parka
€429.90 *

A military jacket in multicam for harsh conditions in deep temperatures developed for Military and Special Forces.

Outdoor Research Tradecraft Jacket
Outdoor Research
Thermojacke Tradecraft Jacket
€264.00 *

Jacket for cold and damp conditions with PrimaLoft® Gold insulation

Outdoor Research Trade Craft Vest
Outdoor Research
Thermojacke Tradecraft Vest
€139.90 *

Insulated vest for cold days with PrimaLoft® Gold insulation, Part of Outdoor Research's IAS (Integrated Apparel System)

Outdoor Research Prevail Hooded Jacket
Outdoor Research
Prevail Hooded Jacket
€139.90 *

hooded jacket with a stretch fabric wind shell for highly aerobic pursuits in less-than-ideal weather conditions

Tactical Beanie for cold days with ColdGear® Technology

Short functional socks by Under Armour® with gray Under Armor® in the heel area and compression zones

Under Armour Tactical Softshell Weste
Under Armour
UA® Tactical Vest ColdGear®
€84.99 *

Highly functional vest - Durable, three-layered softshell material with low noise outer side and optimal stretchability

Super warm fleece jacket "Stealth" with extra warm "microfleece teddy" and UA STORM® TECHNOLOGY

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